One of CeDRE International\’s core business is helping to conduct capacity-building training programs for developing countries in various aspects of public sector management and performance improvement. CeDRE\’s strategic approach to such capacity-building programs is to combine theory with practice through workshops. Training sessions are conducted at CeDRE\’s Training Center as well as at leading hotels in Kuala Lumpur. In-house training is also available to cater for special requests by clients. It offers various standard and customised training programs which are also available for developing countries. CeDRE International offers various standard and customised training programs in the following areas:
  • Planning and designing results-based program and project evaluations;
  • Monitoring and evaluation training for public sector organizations and NGOs involved with program and project management planning as well as program and project performance evaluation;
  • Customised training and exposure programs on monitoring and evaluation as well as results-based management (with optional attachment program);
  • Research methodology for program evaluation;
  • Data management and data analysis for evaluation;
  • Integrated monitoring and evaluation systems design, formulation, and implementation;
  • Integrated program performance management frameworks;
  • Strategic financial management under a Results-Based Budgeting framework;
  • Integrated management information systems using the ProLLTM Approach;
  • Internalisd Self-Evaluation (ISETM) Methodology for public sector organizations;
  • ISO Design & Implementation / ISO Audits/ Performance Management Improvements;
  • Planning, Designing, and Building Results-Based National Development Planning & support M&E Systems;
  • Integrated national development planning using the HoVerTM Methodology;
  • Training on the revolutionary integrated ProLLTM Performance & Results Management System (PReMaSTM ) enterprise software solution.

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