Results-Oriented Study Missions to Malaysia

CeDRE International is a leading organiser, facilitator and manager of focused and practical study visits and missions to Malaysia and other countries in the region. CeDRE International has been designing, organising and managing structured study missions for delegations from various countries visiting Malaysia on capacity-building programs.

These visits are planned carefully to ensure that study missions are focussed and results-oriented. Malaysia and other countries in the region have been successful with their development initiatives and are also willing to share their success stories and lessons learned with other developing countries. CeDRE has an excellent track record in bringing government and program/project officials from developing countries to Malaysia (and other selected countries in the region) to learn from Malaysia\’s development experiences.

CeDRE works in close collaboration with various donor agencies in ensuring that study missions to Malaysia and the region are results-oriented and produce useful learning. For more details or study mission planning advice and assistance, please contact our Program Manager.

+603 17 688 8815

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