CeDRE International carries out research work on various monitoring and evaluation aspects with the objective of developing and producing new approaches and methods to develop, and advance practical and effective monitoring and evaluation practices. Among its major achievements to-date are the internalised self-evaluation approach to evaluation, the Program Logic and Linkages (ProLLTM) Model for strategic program planning, the ProLL Integrated Performance Management Framework (IPMFTM) for performance monitoring and management, the ProLL Evaluation Planning Tool for planning and designing evaluation, the ProLL M&E Plan (ProMEPTM) for planning monitoring, and the ProLL Results LadderTM.
Among the various research related activities carried out are the following:

  • Research in monitoring and evaluation matters to further strengthen and promote monitoring and evaluation practices;
  • Identifying and developing new concepts and approaches in integrated monitoring and evaluation;
  • Building and strengthening on existing monitoring and evaluation concepts, techniques, and modalities in terms of theory and practice;
  • Carrying out joint research on strengthening monitoring and evaluation theory and practices with particular emphases on developing countries andin monitoring and evaluation field in general;
  • Sharing with the global evaluation community innovations in monitoring and evaluation modalities, approaches, and techniques through research and publications, and through regional and international forums and conferences.

Innovations and Models
CeDRE\’s team of experts and consultants, with their years of experience both in Malaysia as well as internationally, have been successfully researching and developing several useful models, approaches and tools for improving development results and M&E. As for in-house development, CeDRE\’s team of experts are able to customize the tools for improvement. Most notable among these are as follows:.

  1. Integrated RBM System (IRBM) to support M&E within governments (1999)
  2. Program Logic & Linkages (ProLLTM) Model for program and evaluationplanning (1992/1996)
  3. ProLLTM Results Ladder (1997/1999)
  4. ProLLTM Outcome Hierarchy Analysis (1996/1999)
  5. Internalised Self-Evaluation Approach (ISE) (1996/1999)
  6. ProLLTM Evaluation Matrix (1997/1999)
  7. ProLLTM Four Stage Evaluation Methodology (1997/1999)
  8. HoVerTM Principle in Development Planning & Management (1999/2004)
  9. Performance & Results Management System (PReMaS©) (Results-Based Management & M&E Software Application) (2002/2004)
  10. Integrated Personnel Performance System (PPS) (2002)

CeDRE International, through its principals, has been the principal advisor to the Malaysian government on program evaluation and results-based management for several years. Its principals have been policy and technical advisors on program evaluation to the Government of Malaysia since 1991 and internationally for various governments and donor agencies for more than 12 years.

Some areas of specialization on evaluation are:
  • Evaluation Planning and Management using the ProLL Model
  • Output and Impact Evaluations
  • Policy evaluation
  • Formulation ad audit of organizational and program performance measurement
  • Performance evaluation techniques and methodologies
  • Continuous Improvements
  • Formative Evaluations
  • Summative and Terminal Evaluations
  • Meta Evaluations and Evaluation Audits.
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