Integrated M&E (IM&E)

Nidhi Sharma (India)

Nidhi is a former UNDP staff with over 10 years of experience working on international assignments in New York, India, Africa, Malaysia and Indonesia focusing on policy and technical support related to programme designing, research, and monitoring and evaluation. Her assignments have covered diverse themes such as refugees’ social protection, inclusive growth, private sector development, […]


Jerry Winston (Australia)

Jerry is a senior associate with CeDRE International on program evaluation and program performance measurement. He is currently also the Director of PPSE International and a former Director, Program for Public Sector Evaluation, RMIT University, Melbourne Australia. He is a well recognized international expert with over 38 years experience in program evaluation, program performance measurement, […]

Decision Support System (MIS/DSS)

Lim Kheng Joo

Lim is a senior associate with CeDRE International. Mr Lim has more than 40 years of working experience with public, private and civil society organisations involving various consulting and capacity building programmes in strategic planning, performance management, competency management, human capital capability development, productivity enhancement and quality management He holds a Masters degree in Development Management […]