Ganyani Khosa
Ganyani Khosa is an international consultant based in Zimbabwe and is an IRBM and MIS expert. He has more than 25 years of experience in the area of management information systems, IRBM, monitoring and evaluation, E-Government as well as software design and development. He is CeDRE International’s lead consultant on ICT and MIS matters and is highly proficient on ICT and E-Government matters. Khosa is also an experienced trainer for the public sector.


Jerry Winston (Australia)
Jerry is a senior associate with CeDRE International on program evaluation and program performance measurement. He is currently also the Director of PPSE International and a former Director, Program for Public Sector Evaluation, RMIT University, Melbourne Australia. He is a well recognized international expert with over 38 years experience in program evaluation, program performance measurement, data collection, and data analysis.
Jenny Hon (Hong Kong)
Jenny is a change management expert with extensive working experience with the Hong Kong public sector. A recently retired senior manager with the Hong Kong government, she brings with her years of experience managing and training on change management, especially in a results-based management environment.


Burt Perrin (France)
Burt is an expert in evaluation and is a well known expert in the international evaluation arena. He writes, consults, and speaks at international forums on evaluation regularly.
John F. Martin (Australia)
John is an expert in public sector management, budgeting, and reform. Formerly a senior manager with the Department of Finance, Australia, he holds a Masters in Agriculture and has extensive consulting experience in public sector management in Australia and internationally.


Prasantha Abeykoon (Sri Lanka)
Prasantha is a senior associate with CeDRE International. He has more than 30 years of experience in finance, management, managing for results & strategic planning, both in the private & public sectors. He has been a consultant to ADB, World Bank & USAID in MfDR/IRBM serving in countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Zimbabwe & Malaysia.
Douglas Giddings (Canada)
Doug is an experienced public sector management expert specialising in public policy analysis and management. He has over 35 years experience in the Canadian public sector in various capacities and senior positions. He has extensive experience in the field and has worked in several developing countries.