Certificate in IRBM (Integrated Results-Based Management) (CIRBM)

Welcome to CeDRE\’s special Technical Certificate programs.

The Certificate in IRBM is a unique qualification that ensures the person is grounded on all aspects of the IRBM system. The IRBM system is a contemporary performance management system that is applied to whole-of-government or an organization. The system is both practical and useful and helps move an organization or a whole country to improve its development results. It is especially useful for developing countries that are struggling to improve development results and improve the quality of life of its citizens. For more details on the IRBM system and what it can do for you, please visit: www.mypremas.com

The Certificate in IRBM (Integrated Results Based Management) is a technical certificate program on the IRBM system and all components under it. The Certificate Course is offered at different levels as follows:

a.  Basic Certificate in IRBM – certifies minimum proficiency on all aspects of the IRBM system

This course runs for two weeks and is conducted on an action-learning basis. Participants get to learn theory and practice using real-life situations drawn from many countries and varying situations. The course covers all components of the IRBM system with special focus on the integrated approach. Participants who have successfully completed this course will be awarded the Basic Certificate in IRBM and will be able to design and implement a simple but practical IRBM system for their organization. They will also learn how to use the Integrated Results-Based software solution (called the Performance & Results Management Solution or PReMaS(c) to better manage their organization\’s performance.

b.  IRBM Master Trainer Certificate – certifies that a person is qualified to carry out training on IRBM.

c.  IRBM Consultant Certificate – certifies that a person is qualified as a consultant and advisor on IRBM.

d.  IRBM Auditor – certifies that a person is qualified as an IRBM auditor and is qualified to do IRBM compliance audits.

For more details, please contact us at: admin@cedre.org.my or visit our dedicated IRBM website at: www.mypremas.com

Countries which are IRBM compliant are urged to have their key officials trained and certified as above to ensure continuity and sustainability of their IRBM system and components. You may also choose to have your country audited for IRBM Compliance Certification. Please contact us for more information on this at: admin@cedre.org.my

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