The Pioneer in Integrated Results-Based Management

CeDRE International is a global leader and industry expert in IRBM systems covering Development Planning, Budgeting, Personnel Performance, Monitoring & Evaluation as well as information and decision support systems.

Training And Capacity Building

One of CeDRE International's core businesses is helping to conduct capacity-building training programs for developing countries in various aspects.

Software Solutions For IRBM & MfDR (PReMaS)

PReMaS© is a web-based Integrated Results-Based Management (IRBM) Software developed by CeDRE International.


CeDRE International offers specialised consultancy services in monitoring and evaluation and related areas with a particular focus on the public sector.

Research & Development in Evaluation

CeDRE International carries out research work on various monitoring and evaluation aspects with the objective of developing and producing new approaches and methods to develop, and advance practical and effective monitoring and evaluation practices.

Results-Oriented Study Missions

CeDRE International has been designing, organising and managing structured study missions for delegations from various countries visiting Malaysia on capacity-building programs

Training and Capacity Building


Training Calendar 2023

CeDRE International

CeDRE International’s core business revolves around six main areas: Advocacy Works, Monitoring & Evaluation, Research & Development, Capacity-Building Training Programs, Providing Technical & Advisory Services and Business Process Reengineering for Performance Improvement. CeDRE has been a strong advocate in practical and sustainable Integrated Results-Based Management (IRBM) systems that cover the essentials of development planning and management initiatives, results-based budgeting, integrated monitoring and evaluation, as well as integrated management information systems. CeDRE is also well known for its cutting edge integrated software solution for the IRBM system covering development planning, budgeting, personnel performance, M&E, and information and decision support system.


CeDRE provides a range of training services in the areas of integrated results-based management (RBM), monitoring and evaluation, public sector performance management, and related areas. Its’ dedicated training facilities, including well-equipped training/seminar rooms, state-of-the-art training equipment, and current training materials that are relevant to each focus area. Many of the training materials and methods are specially formulated to suit the special needs of developing countries and donors who work in these countries.

In Malaysia, CeDRE is an exclusive and leading training provider in public sector monitoring & evaluation as well as in public sector results-based management. CeDRE uses unique and cutting-edge forms of training approaches, particularly in the area of integrated results-based management, whose cornerstone is its use of an integrated monitoring and evaluation approach that is strategically incorporated within an integrated performance framework. CeDRE is also the technical advisor to the Ministry of Finance on program performance evaluation and performance measurement.

CeDRE is a pioneer in offering specialised and focused training in Monitoring and Evaluation, Results-Based Management, and related areas using a unique attachment-based training methodology, both in Malaysia as well as internationally. Such training has proven to produce excellent results. Participants get an effective mixture of classroom training, which is grounded in actual project involvement, agency-based attachment programs and practical inter-actions with relevant public sector agencies, and officials through a strategic mix of carefully-selected and tested learning-sharing activities.

Training is also offered in-house at clients’ premises where necessary or at major hotels in and around Kuala Lumpur. For the public sector, customised training workshops are typically held at the Departments concerned. For customised workshops in any of the areas of expertise by CeDRE consultants, please contact our Program Manager.

Internationally, training is typically carried out at the clients’ premises or at major hotels at the request of the clients. CeDRE’s resource persons also carry out training workshops, seminars, and courses for international and regional donor agencies such as the World Bank, UNDP, IMF, ADB, ASEAN, APO and other agencies from time to time. CeDRE consultants and associates also provide in-house training at the request of client governments and have trained government officials at different levels and from various Ministries/agencies in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Middle East, and North America.

Track Records

CeDRE International has been a policy and technical advisor to several countries in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe and Caribbean regions. Its main area of work is on the Integrated Results Based Management (IRBM) System and on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).

Its principals have been policy and/or technical advisors to governments, development partner agencies (World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, EU, GIZ, SDC, BTC, UNDP, UNOPS, UNICEF etc) as well as International NGOs. Much of the work is centered on public sector performance transformation through the prudent use of the IRBM System and M&E.

CeDRE International has also designed and developed a dedicated enterprise software solution for the IRBM system which covers the following key functions:

a. Strategic development planning (whole of government) and/or Strategic Results Planning (organization)

b. Results-based Budgeting (RBB)

c. Results-Based Personnel Performance System (PPS)

d. Integrated Results-Based M&E (RBM&E)

e. Decision Support/Management Information System (DSS/MIS)

The enterprise solution is popularly known as the PReMaS (Performance & Results Management Solution) and has been adopted in whole or in part by several countries and organizations.

For more details on the IRBM system and the PReMaS system, please visit: or contact us at:

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